Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Second "Landscape and Queen" 'Cinderella' Stamp now available.

-- Virtual Pensacola
The Most Honourable, the Marquess of Mobile, Bo Register, Chairman of the House of Lords' Committee on Stamps and Stationery has announced the availability of the second stamp in the Landscapes and Queen series. The new stamp features the Pasture Lands of the Barony of Fayette.

The Marquess has stated that the Landscapes and Queen Series of 'Cinderella' stamps will continue, at the rate of approximately one new stamp each month, until all the Baronies and Titled Domains have had a landscape featured. There will be a break in the series each year in December to permit the Dominion to issue Christmas Stamps.

Each stamp is available from the commercial district in sheets of 15 (full blocks) for DBWF -/1/4 (1 Shilling, 4 Pence) - presently $US 10.50

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