Thursday, June 14, 2007

Governor-General's Throne Speech - Opening of Parliament 2007

-- Virtual Pensacola, Governor-General's Press Releases:

My Lords and Ladies of this House, Members of the House of Commons, Fellow Subjects,

Assembled Peers of the Realms, and Foreign Dignitaries,

Welcome to the Opening of Parliament in and for the Dominion of British West Florida for this, the 2007-2008 session. As today is Her Majesty the Queen's official birthday in West Florida it is especially appropriate that we begin today's ceremonies with Happy Birthday Wishes to Her Majesty Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Dominion of British West Florida, and of her other Realms and Territories, Defender of the Faith, Head of the Commonwealth.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty! Long may You continue to reign over us!

My Lords and Ladies, my government will present Constitutional Revisions to strengthen our ties to the Monarchy and our historical association with God and Crown Governance. We will also bring forward certain changes in the Constitution to permit Her Majesty's Subjects to serve in our government, without restrictions based on age or place of abode.

My Lords and Ladies, my government will work to further re-align the baronies with the original boundaries established by His Majesty King George III by Royal Proclamation in 1763, and the additional territories added by His Most Catholic Majesty after the treaty of 1783. This realignment will bring all of the baronial lands south of 31 degrees north and provide baronial oversight for those lands east of the Mississippi and south of Lake Ponchartrain. We envision no changes in the stratus of the Crown Lands between the 1763 and 1767 borders of the colony of West Florida.

My Lords and Ladies, Assembled Peers, and Friends, my government will look to you for assistance in bringing more and favourable attention to our cause. We must get the word out to every place that a government that 'Fears God and Honours the Queen' has been re-established in this fair land. We are dedicated to a restoration of the 'Classical Republic' of HM Queen Elizabeth I's England.

My Lords and Ladies, Assembled Peers, and Friends, with a heavy heart I now inform you that my government will no longer retain as Privy Councillors those who are unwilling to be known in the 'real world' as Friends of the Dominion of British West Florida, its Government and our goal of restoring God and Crown Governance under Sovereign, Lords, and Commons to West Florida.

My Government has, through our High Commissioner to Her Majesty's Provence of Alberta, His Excellency Alan Goudman, issued a letter of support for the Provence and its Leaders as it attempts to repeal the same sex 'marriage' laws in the Dominion of Canada, and extend freedom of conscience provisions to those who can not in good conscience formalize such unions.

Our Dominion has grown in numbers, notability, and activity. His Grace the Duke has retired from public life, having seen his dream of a Tricameral Government restored, at least in form, to this Dominion. His Grace has resigned as Governor-General, Grand Commander of the Order of Saint Barnabas, and Lord of St. George. My Government will work with the Duke to finalize transfers of authority, and make appropriate changes in the organs of government. I personally extend my thanks, and that of this Government to His Grace for the efforts and time he dedicated to our shared dream.

May God continue to bless this Dominion, and His Grace.

God Save the Queen and all Her Subjects!

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