Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Outside Agents may be attempting to destabilize Imperium Economy

-- Imperium News Service

Senior Bookkeepers / Accountants at the Ministry Of Financial Affairs
[ M.O.F.A. ] has just informed the Imperial Family that they believe
that someone might have passed a few counterfeit ImperiuMarxs [ Rx ]
"Bonus Bucks" during yesterday's business operations.

The counterfeited "Bonus Bucks" were passed at the Show & $ale Center,
and at the Feed & Seed Center.

Although the "Bonus Bucks" are freely distributed by the Imperial Government
to visitors and tourist [ customers ] at all of the Imperium's commercial facilities,
and not that many have been discovered; this event shows just how vulnerable
the "in-house" printing / publishing process is; as it appears that the "Bonus Bucks"
were scanned and copied with a color computer printer system.

A full investigation has been ordered by the Lord Imperator, who has also
expressed that the counterfeited "Bonus Bucks" are to be framed and mounted
with an Official Statement attached, and located at all checkout stations;
which will hopefully make those who are guilty take notice, thereby hoping
to stop this problem, which could result in the cancellation of a successful
promotional program that has been in operation for many years, and is
appreciated by the Imperium's hard working, loyal, and honest customer base.

Possibly a new "Bonus Buck" will be designed and developed; one which
would most likely be published / printed by an "external" press in the US,
which might have more means of curtailing any future issues.

The use of a better paper has also been proposed; as this could be a more
visible and physical way to detect any possible counterfeit "Bonus Bucks".

[ Adopted and Adapted Official Info-Photo of a 2005 "Bonus Buck" ]

Imperial~Imperium Marx / Rx / ImperiuMarx

One DeWaCo Estates ImperiuMarx [ Rx ] is equal in value to one
United States Dollar [ $ ]. The "Bonus Buck" Program is a Government
sponsered promotional products program, that is a 'free-of-charge'
sales-incentive; which is given to tourist and visitors [ customers ] that
purchase merchandise and products that are manufactured and/or
marketed within the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates.

The "Bonus Buck" Program has various incentives that are promoted at
various times of the year; of which, some of the incentives include, but
are not limited to the following:

10% Discount on Future Purchases,
Senior Citizens Discounts,
and Seasonal Discount Sales.

Individuals that redeem the "Bonus Bucks" for purchases, receive an
automatic "Honorary Citizenship"; which entitles the individual to
additional automatic announcements regarding future upcoming sales events.

Ministry Of Financial Affairs { M.O.F.A. }

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