Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Opening of Parliament. 'A Success!'

Opening of Parliament in British West Florida

-- Pensacola (Bartram Park)

The opening ceremonies for the 2007-2008 session of Parliament were a success, according to the Acting Governor-General, the Most Honourable, the Marquess of Mobile, Bo Register.

The Parliament completed work on and approved the revised Constitution, authorized continuation of the Baronial re-alignment, received messages from the Governor-General and foreign heads-of-state, and witnessesed the investiture of the Governor-General in the Elsanoran Honours System.

The Constitutional Revisions addressed two primary objectives: 1) Making the document more Monarchical in tone, and 2) Removing the residency and age restrictions on service in the Parliament. The newly revised Constitution will be published in the Public Square by the end of the month.

The Baronial Re-alignment is now focused on redrawing baronial claims to be consistent with the borders of the Colony of West Florida at the time it reverted to British Sovereignty. All those baronies located north of the 1763 border are being re-allocated lands in the portions of 'Spanish Florida' that are south of the Lake Ponchartrain. The new allocation incorporates many of the 'border parishes' formerly without Baronial Representation and under the oversight of the Countess of Louisiana into baronies under their own Barons.

The Governor-General announced during his throne speech that he would not retain on the privy council any members who were unwilling to share 'real world' contact information with the citizens of the Dominion. The issue of Members of Parliament or Peers who are unwilling to share such information was not addressed.

The Lord Imperator of the Impreium of DeWaCo Estates sent greetings, which were read by the Governor-General.

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