Saturday, June 30, 2007

HM Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini of TTF-Bucksfan, publishes The Legacy of the Knights Templar

In March 2007, President Tallini of the Fifth World Council, also know as HM Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini of TTF-Bucksfan, was elected to the position of Grand Preceptor of the Overseas Priorate of the Ordo Equestris Militiae Templi Deus Vult (OEMTDV). This Order keeps a humble profile, but it also works in an official capacity with the monks of the Franciscan Missionary Centre of San Salvatore al Monte in Florence, who in turn cooperate with the government of Bolivia for the salvation, integration, and social development of the indigenous communities in the Grand Chaco region, which is located within the borders of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. So the Kingdom of Redonda's Order is a micronational order, but it also has some real charity functions, and is benefiting Indians in Bolivia in a very real way.

The particular project the Templar Order is involved with is called the "Teko GuaranĂ­ Project", and members of the Order initiated this project with a large convention which met in the convent of San Salvatore al Monte in the Summer of 2003, as recorded in Il Notiziario, the newsletter of Italy's National Association of Sociologists (ANS).

According to Nomenclatura templare (Templar Nomenclature), the primary function of the Grand Preceptor of a Templar Order is to inform new members of the Gran Priory in the manner of rituals, rules, and behaviours.

Also, as the Grand Preceptor of the Overseas Priorate of the Order he is responsible for overseas, or out-of-Italy affairs.

Lastly, the Grand Preceptor, besides his member-creating function, is also involved in the education of members.

HM Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini said, of the new position “I intend to take on this official function as soon as possible, and within the limits of my free time. After creating a basic Web site for the Order on 20 March 2007, and after receiving some inspiration from HRH Giancarlo Ezio I, Sovereign of "Santa Maria la Redonda", and Chancellor of the Order, I did some research about a special theme in the history of the Knights Templar.

I can now present the extremely interesting results of my research here at the bottom with the article, "The Legacy of the Knights Templar". Hope you find the article interesting, and that it will motivate you to join the Order. “

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