Thursday, November 01, 2007

US Agents conduct 'interrogation' on Imperium Soil

On Thursday, November 1, 2007 at approximately 11:30 AM, two US Government Officials entered the Imperial City Capital Zone, without invitation or visa. They where they were immediately greeted by several members of the Imperial Family and staff.

The two US Govt agents promptly and “politely” introduced themselves, and “asked” to interrogate three young Mexican men, all brothers, who are "foreign contract laborers" hired by the Imperial Government.

The two agents conducted a short "interrogation" of the three young men, and then returned to their vehicle, where they spent several minutes talking to each other as they appeared to write information onto several forms.

The three "foreign contact laborers" quickly returned to their work immediately after being “released" by the two US Govt agents.

It is now known that the three men were not the subject of any US Govt investigation themselves, but were questioned with regards to their possible knowledge of the recent whereabouts of several other individuals, who are either family or friends of the three men.

The Lord Imperator was "out of country" at the time of the visit and "interrogation" of the three men, tending to agri-business in a local US town; but He was contacted immediately upon the visit of the two US Govt agents via a cell-phone communication link, and was kept abreast of what transpired during the entire incident.

This is not the first “visit” to the Imperium from US Officials and Officers [ local and Fed ], as in the past, there have been several similar visits, which have been a result of an invitation by the Imperial Family, or as the result of a unilateral decision of the foreign government.

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