Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Monarch of Ferguson enjoys State Visit in Akzivland

-- Fergusian News
Benjamin I/Benelea of the Kingdom of Ferguson met today with President Eli Avivi of Akhzivland near Nahariya, Israel. Akhzivland, an independent micro-nation tacitly recognized by the Israeli government, is situated in northern Israel on the Mediterranean coast. Although President Avivi had just left hospital due to an undisclosed illness, he greeted the Fergusian monarch warmly and opened the Akhzivland museum for inspection. The occasion marks the inaugural visit by the Fergusian monarch with another micronational head of state. Also present was the Fergusian Queen Mother Alberta.

The Fergusian monarch is scheduled to visit her former home in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Switzerland after leaving Israel on November 11.

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