Monday, November 19, 2007

Kingdom of Talossa's Population exceeds 100!

Two applicants were formally admitted to citizenship in the Kingdom of Talossa this morning, bringing Talossa's population into triple digits for the first time in her nearly 28-year history. Talossa currently has 101 citizens, with Vince Whitacre of Maricopa Province becoming the 100th citizen and Edward Wadas of Mussolini Province becoming number 101.

According to Chancery (office of the Secretary of State) records, 206 people have held Talossan citizenship since the Kingdom's founding in 1979. Of these, 101 are currently citizens, at least three are deceased, and the other 102 lost their citizenship due to inactivity or renunciation. Four more prospective citizens are currently in the immigration pipeline, but an election starting next month is expected to claim as many as a dozen older citizens through the operation of Talossa's "three strikes" law, which terminates the citizenship of those who fail to vote in three consecutive general elections.

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