Thursday, November 15, 2007

Talossn Language Authority celebrates its 24th Anniversary

-- Talossan News Syndicate

La Comità për l'Útzil del Glheþ (the Committee for the Use of the Language), the traditional Talossan language authority, celebrated its 24th anniversary yesterday. The CÚG was founded by King Robert I of Talossa on 14 November 1983, nearly three years after the first use of the language itself. Since that time, the CÚG has guided the course of the Talossan language through its Arestadâs, official pronouncements of the decisions of the Comità regarding matters of grammar, vocabulary, and good style in writing and speaking the language. The CÚG plans to begin its 25th year with the issue of the first Arestadâ in several years, which will substantially regularise and simplify Talossan orthography. Specific proposals to be incorporated into the Arestadâ are being discussed on the CÚG forum.

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