Thursday, November 15, 2007

Imperium of DeWaCo Estates Redesignates Military Outpost

-- Imperial News Service
Camp Solo, a military operational outpost used by the Dark Daze Quad Squad [ Four-Man-Force ] of the Ministry Of State Security / M.O.S.S., has been re-designated as a "Military Exercise Target" / M.E.T. during all simulated military war-game exercises conducted by the Imperium, the People*s Republic Of Galt / P.R.O.G, the Federal Republic of Eastern Edinburg / F.R.E.E., and the Protectorates of Parkistan.

Prior to being designated as a "M.E.T." Camp Solo was a tactical training site, utilized for paintball tactical assaults; years prior to being designated as Camp Solo, the site was a small non-operational storage silo and shed facility, that once was owned and operated by the Ministry Of Agricultural Affairs / M.O.A.A.

Camp Solo is comprised of the silo and shed site, and approximately ten additional acres surrounding the immediate area of the site; which borders the Black Woods.

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