Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vikeslandic Areonautics and Space Department Launches Successful Test

-- Vikeslandic Broadcasting Company (VBC)

On August 12th the Vikeslandic department of Aeronautics and Space launched a small scale test rocket for research purposes as to the stability of the design and whether the parachute recovery system would work.

The first launch showed that the rocket is indeed very stable in normal wind conditions and reached 700ft high, but the parachute deployment system was flawed.

The parachute support rigging was half destroyed when it was deployed due to weak string materials. These materials have been upgraded to Kevlar cord which will not burn or snap under the deployment pressures.

The second launch was done (without notice) in a higher wind condition. This was a mistake but ended up a good thing. The rocket did indeed function properly in the high wind and the parachute system worked flawlessly that time.

This positive outcome now initiates stage two of the Rocket assisted video recon unit program which is the construction of the full sized rocket.

The test rocket was 2 and half feet in length, the full scale version is approx. four feet in length and can reach altitudes of 2100ft.

Watch the launch tests here:

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