Monday, August 20, 2007

DBWF Internet Tie-Line Severed - Web Sites Unavailable

The Dominion of British West Florida's tie-line to the outside world was severed yesterday (Sunday). The Official incident report lists the incident as 'Accident'.

A 'Commercial Transport' operating in the area where the tie line crosses into East Florida was apparently operating outside of the 'center of the channel' and became entangled in the cable, severing it 'by accident'.

The operator of the transport vessel has agreed to fund the repairs to the tie-line.

The Dominion's Marquess of Mobile and the commercial internet service provider responsible for the tie-line's operation have determined that no foreign power was involved in the event. The internet service provider has also informed the government of the Dominion of British West Florida through it's Office of the Register of Florida (an office like a 'clerk of the court') that no fees will be applied to the account for the two days involved in the outage.

Service should be restored by Monday evening.

No Critical Systems were impacted, as the Dominion has triple-redundant access lines for emergency services, leaving two still in operations.

The Post will continue to operate, though some news may be slow to be published.

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