Monday, August 06, 2007


-- Imperial News Service


It is Official.......the three Leaders of Parkistan were able to reach a unanimous agreement to surrender partial control of Parkistan over to the Imperial Commonwealth; thereby avoiding an all-out Micronational Civil War between the three former friends turned feuding factions.

The two major recent events which shook Parkistan, the "Remove & Replace Offensive Operation" initiated by the two Leaders of Getzland and Juban, and then the reprisal act of seizure and destruction of the Parkistani Govt Official Web-Site by the Leader of Wentzland, seemed to have set the stage for a possible Micronational Civil War; however, after several lengthy Tele-Summits [ Tele-Conferences ] between Lord Imperator and the three Leaders [ collective and private ], all three Leaders were able to come to a mutual understanding of the benefits of assimilation / incorporation into the Imperial Commonwealth.

The issue of the Parkistani Protectorates [ Parks and Parts-of-Parks / US: MO & ILL ], which had remained of primary concern for the Lord Imperator, were resolved; with the claims and overseership of said claims to remain the sole responsibility of the three Leaders, thereby leaving the Imperium free of any association with, or protection of, said lands.

In return for mandated limited surrender of each of their authorities, and the swearing of allegiance to the Imperial Family and Government, which such an alliance of allegiance understood to be an irrevocable / irreversible act, resulting in a partial, though permanent, control of the Imperium over Parkistan, the assimilation / incorporation of Parkistan Proper into the Imperial Commonwealth was finally and officially consummated; thereby, the Imperium agreed to several requests and concessions which included, but are not limited to, the following:

[1] Training of a Parkistani PaintBall [ "PainBall" ] Force [ at Parkistani expenses / 3M: Meals, Milage, and Motel ]

[2] Inclusion of Parkitani PaintBall Forces in future War Game Exercises [ at Parkistani expenses ]

[3] Hunting and Fishing Rights on Imperial Soils [ with prior approval of seasonal schedules / at Parkistani expenses ]

[4] Invitation and Inclusion of Parkistani People in Imperial Events [ DeWaCo Rodeo, Octoberfest, Parkistani Expenses ]

[5] Use of Imperial Symbols with prior approval ___________________________________________________

[ Imperium requests for a revision of the flag are currently pending ]

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