Monday, August 13, 2007

Statement on the recent broadcast by Russian State Controlled Television.

-- Virtual Pensacola

The Dominion of British West Florida condemns the Russian Government's recent actions in support of its dubious claims to the Arctic Seabed. Rossiya is one of two state-controlled channels in Russia that have been turned into propaganda tools under President Vladimir Putin. This is the second time in less than two weeks that Vesti has faked a broadcast. While it is accepted that state controlled media will present the facts in the light most favourable to the government, it is not acceptable that a government would knowingly and willfully lie to its own people, and the world.

The TV fiasco will add fresh controversy to the expedition, which caused scorn and resentment among other northern hemisphere nations bent on getting their share of the Arctic's energy riches. The Russian claims beyond the 200 mile limit were dubious in the view of this government, before the Russians felt compelled to resort to lies. The clear intent of the latest lie is to strengthen Russia's claims to the resources of the Arctic seabed. Such actions have had the opposite affect in the Dominion of British West Florida – we will consider ALL Russian claims in light of the willingness of the Russian government to lie. The Russian claims to the Arctic seabed beyond the 200 mile limit are considered by the Dominion of British West Florida to be null and void.

We call upon the Russian government to refrain for further lies, to retract its claims to the Arctic seabed beyond the 200 mile limit, and to work with the international community to restore the trust among governments that is essential to the peaceful resolution of issues.

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