Saturday, August 25, 2007

Imperium NOT withdrawing from UNAM - at least not yet

The Provisional Post ran a head-line earlier today (Saturday) stating: "Imperium Withdraws from UNAM". The headline, taken from an Imperium Public Affairs Post was 'hasty'.

The Imperium of DeWaCo Estates has NOT withdrawn from UNAM. The careful reader of the article as provided to the Post by the Imperium Public Affairs office would have noticed that the article stated that the measures were under consideration, not a 'forgone fact'.

Unfortunately, the editorial staff of the Post republished the story as it appeared in the Open Micronational Forum News section, without modification.

The Post has learned that After several hours of consultation, between all parties of interest
and concern, the Lord Imperator has once again reaffirmed His continued support, for the Imperium's State Membership in the Union of North American Micronations / UNAM.

Acording to the Lord Imperator, "Mistakes were made on all sides, and no evidence was found, that would lead to believe that there was ever any intentional breach of the internal security of the organization's forum; as well as the fact, that there was no evidence presented, that would support the possibility that any theft of profile information was ever achieved."

The Post regrets the erroneous headline in the earlier story.

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