Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bucksfan University lowers Tution

-- 5WC

The faculty of Bucksfan University has drastically lowered the tuition fee for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program in Fifth World Studies to a mere US$100. We can do that, and not suffer too much financially, because you now order the books for the course through the Bucksfan University Store, and this, besides allowing direct access to the textbooks, also allows us to make a little additional income as well. With the ongoing promotion effort in place, this translated into a 60% decrease in the original tuition fee. We sincerely hope this will attract sufficient students to enable the future development of a BS degree program in Fifth World Studies as well, as well as other degree programs.

The AAS degree, comparable in scope to the UK's Foundation degree, is now also accessible to bright students 14 years old or older, that is, it is available to junior adults as far as Fifth World law is concerned, and if currently in high school or college, the student can also take up to 4 years to complete the requirements for the degree without any penalty.

Bucksfan University is now accredited by the Fifth World Council Accreditation Agency (5WCAA), an accreditation agency which already accredits real brick-and-mortar seminary colleges and health academies, but also independent of the US, and any other terrestrial foreign government. Bucksfan University is also listed in the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) as a bona fide university.

This gives the potential student no assurance of degree acceptance in the Official World, but rather assurance, by the 5WC and Bucksfan University of genuine intellectual growth.

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