Tuesday, June 03, 2008


-- Staff Writer

Highly reliable Sources within the Imperial Family of DeWaCo have intimated that the Imperium has sought to gain influence in the US Presidential Elections process by direct financial aid to one 'favoured candidate'. The exact value of the 'contributions' has not been revealed, nor has the extent of involvement by certain 'cousins' who visited with the candidate at the Corn Palace in South Dakata.

The Lord Imperator has publicly expressed his support for Barack Hussein Obama Jr, the Democratic Party candidate who's former pastor (the minister who performed his wedding, and baptized his daughters) has claimed that the US Government brought aids to North America to 'control the black population'. Among the official reasons given by the Lord Imperator for support this potentially divisive candidate is Mr. Obama's position on the Iraq war, and his declared willingness to talk with foreign leaders without pre-conditions.

The Imperial Government has also made it known that an Obama presidency, combined with certain changes in US Foreign Policy would facilitate formal recognition of the US Government by the Imperium. The Obama campaign declined to comment on the issue.

Contributions from foreign nationals to candidates in US Federal Elections is prohibited by US Law. The Imperial Family claims that this is no consequence to them, as they aren't subject to the US law foreign participation restrictions – pending formal recognition of the Imperium by the US Government.

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