Saturday, June 21, 2008

Imperium Announces Import Reductions to Redress Balance of Payments Issues.

-- Imperial News Service

The Executive Offices of the Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar, at White Castle Estates, has announced that the majority of all magazine and newspaper imports will be curtailed upon the end-date of the current subscriptions.

These actions are but a small part of the measures to be taken by the Imperial Government, to prevent a possible balance of payments deficit. Other measures have included a reduction in fuel imports and an decrease in the number of foreign workers permitted to send earnings 'overseas' to their homelands.

Newsweek and the Wall St Journal are two of several such subscriptions which will be suspended; with an approximate 12 additional regional, national, and international publications will be include in the new tariff plan.

Several of the publications were imported from the United States for, and read exclusively by, members of the Imperial Government; while some of the publications were ordered exclusively for members of the Imperial Family, Imperial Subjects [ Employees ], and Tourist /Guest / Customers of the Imperium's commerical operations centers.

Several hundreds of *ImperiMarx / Rx ( Imperial / Imperium Marx ) [ * i.e. equal to the US Dollar / $ ] will be cut from the Imperial Government Budget in the publication subscriptions cancellations.

The Imperial Government is also working to 'firm up' projected agricultural exports to the United States, but recent weather events have raised concerns about the ability of exports to completely offset the previously projected import levels.

Additional Govt-Budget cost cutting measures and foreign exchange corrections are to be announced.

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