Friday, May 30, 2008

Lord Imperator Exercise Veto Power – Imperial External Citizens Act Rejected.

Lord Imperator Exercise Veto Power – Imperial External Citizens Act Rejected.

-- Imperial News Service

The Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar issued His veto to over-rule a vote presented to Him, on a proposed Law of the Lands which was known as the "External Citizens Act"; which would open up Imperial Citizen to all Imperial Subjects / Employees, as well as allowing for People who reside around the world, to petition and apply for Imperial Citizenship as an "External Citizen" - those who do not reside in proximity to Imperium Lands.

Identical-to-similar proposals have been introduced on the Floors of the Forums of the Imperial Government countless times in the past; with all such proposals being approved with vote from all Officials and Officers of the Imperial Government's legislative systems, but being erased by veto.

The Executive Veto maintains that there must remain a permanent but friendly separation, between:
1)Imperial Citizens (the extended Imperiall Family & Friends granted the privilege) , and
2)that of Imperial Subjects - Employees Full Time & Part Time ; and
3)that "Externals" [ People without Proximity / World Wide ] are not to even ever be considered,

It is the stated belief of the Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar that although "Externals" could bring progress to the Imperium, the fact is that they reside too distant for actual physical interaction and supervision. And it is on this it is on this basis, that there should never ever be any consideration for the allowing of "External Citizenship" to exist.

The Lord Imperator firmly rejected arguments in support of the legislation, pointing out that protection of the Imperium and its Culture remains his responsibility, and that it is his Duty to reject the advise of the Legislature when in his consideration the proposed bill would bring harm to the nation.

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