Sunday, June 15, 2008

Royal Versificator on the Opening of Parliament

The Opening of Parliament:


Season’s change: reflection returns once again in Time;

Charged with thought-brimmed plans of Government to evoke,

The Majestic Monarch to represent a people in their prime

Of noble speech, announced by splendour’s crown and cloak.

Stern political rhyme echo’s in the Grand-Lords Chamber;

After Black Rod’s plea, and knock, knock on solid oaken door,

Brittania’s giant wakes, attentive after long dormant slumber

In action resplendent, revived in ritual of ancient lore.

Our history sings: long past ages yet not mere dreams forgot;

Present and future woven from the self-same gilden thread,

Visions of ministers; crafted plans and charts of subtle plots

Of Barons, paupers, young and old in common purpose wed.

Prosperity, joy and health; concerns of all good subjects;

These aspects and features of sure well-balanced harmony,

Parliament is the polished mirror which its people reflects

And the Government’s homely art of creating equality.

Tho’ freedom is no jewel, not a sparkling treasured hope;

But the fine sword of many: wrought by differing hearts,

Of liberty, justice, truth and law: a communal rope

By which hands grasp and climb to view the Nation’s arts.

A fair living constitution, written not in ink on paper thin;

But one which glows as embers within each humble hearth;

Coursing strong and brilliant through each and every vein

Reflecting fervent human love; recited on the breath.

So, let solemn silence dwell here awhile among our crowd;

A sacred hush, the wise ever ready to listen with rapt intent,

The eager yearning of purpose invites the citizen proud

And words become the feather to the wings in glorious ascent.

All Rights Reserved: David John Drew/DBWF 2008.

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