Friday, May 09, 2008

International Community Condemns Burma's Junta

Leaders of various unrecognized nations joined in the condemnation of the military junta in Burma.

The Lord Imperator of DeWaCo issued a statement officially condemn(ing) the Myanmar military regime for it's refusal to allow aid into it's nation's borders.

Ambassador Tallini stated his support for the Imperium's statements (and reminded the international community that a state of war exists between Independent Long Island and Burma).

The Governor-General also issued a statement denouncing the military Junta in Burma.

Within hours of the statements being published on the Open Micronational Forum, the Junta agreed to allow additional aid (including vessels of Her Majesty's Canadian Navy) to enter Burmese territory.

-- Text of the Governor-General's Statement: ----------
The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida denounces the recent actions of the Military Junta currently exercising its illegitimate authority in Burma, in the strongest terms possible.

Charity workers said as many as 24,000 children could have perished in Saturday’s disaster. Still, the Junta refused aid offered by the rest of the wold, putting its own pride above the lives of children.

An estimated 60,000 people are feared dead or missing. Huge areas remain under water, particularly in the southern Irrawaddy delta. And this 'Socialist Republic' refuses aid from the US and other western countries because it fears that they may try to sneak liberty in with the rescue launches.

Aid agencies are in a race against time to save the million-plus homeless survivors from disease, hunger and exhaustion, yet the generals refuse to allow in those with the most ability to help, placing policy of people.

Burma’s military government finally agreed to the first shipment of UN aid yesterday. But the junta continues to refuse to allow in sufficient ­foreign aid workers. No government worthy of the title puts its own prestige above the safety of its people.

We're outraged by the slowness of the response of the government of Burma to welcome and accept assistance.

We plead with the government of Burma to cooperate with the international community, and allow it to help the Burmese people in this time of crises.

-- End Text.

-- Text of the Lord Imperator's Statement ------

The Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates does hereby officially condemn the Myanmar military regime for it's refusal to allow aid into it's nation's borders, after the recent cyclone which has killed an estimated 100,000 of that nation's citizens.

The Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates calls on all likeminded and concerned micronations and people, to send a clear signal of protest against the lack of concern shown by the Myanmar military regime, regarding that regime's citizens who are in need of water, food, and medical supplies and assistance.

International reports indicate that the Myanmar military regime has not yet implemented a government leadership roll in assisting it's citizens; and has refused to receive aid from the USA, and other nations around the world.

The Myanmar military regime has allowed a limited number of aid into it's borders; however, the number allowed is not adequate to the devastation that torn through that nation.
-- End text

-- Text of Ambassador Tallini's Message ---
I can only offer my support to the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates in the condemnation of Myanmar.

As you may know, Independent Long Island declared war on Myanmar back in October 2007 because of that same tyrannical government:

-- End Text

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