Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Imperium Set Uniform Speed Limit

Due to recent repeats of racing and reckless driving on DeWaCo Road, by several of the younger Imperial Citizens and their guest / friends, which resulted in several incidents where autos and trux [ trucks ] became stuck in the muddy gullys [ drainage ditchs ], the Imperial Government has finally established speed limits for ALL by-ways within the Greater Capital Zone of Imperial City, CZ; as well as, all of the path-ways which link the farm fields to the Capital City, and all other sites within the Capital Zone. [ i.e. Saw Hill Mill, Timber Ridge, FairView, Grand View, Lake Blaxx, Great Lake, Warzog Sity, Obelin UniverSity, etc.....all sites of agricultural and recreational significance within the Imperium ]

The Speed Limit was set at 10mph, with any breach of the limit resulting in the immediate suspension of an individual's rights to drive within the Imperium; as well as, one's rights to drive on "foreign" [ US ] roadways. [ no time limit for suspension set, each incident on a case-by-case basis.

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