Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vikesland Back in the Space Race

-- Vikelandic News Service

October 28th, 2009- The Vikeslandic Star rocket project is now back into action. The build of this experimental multi use rocket was halted due to recessional budgetary concerns and was mothballed until now. The Rocket will see completion this winter with a test launch in spring of 2010. This rocket will be testing the cluster engine reliability as well as gather data on max. altitude and the new fin design performance. The recovery parachute has been upgraded thanks to an earlier test of the chute system by an earlier prototype.

Once tested and completed the 4 ft. high rocket will be able to accomodate various sized payloads and missions. The future hope is to launch a remote controlled plane atop the Vikeslandic star to quickly set it to a high altitude to begin its missions.

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