Sunday, October 11, 2009

Church of Mankind Everlasting Excommunicates Imperial Grandson

-- Imperial News Service
Sunday 11 October 2009

In a rare action, the State Church of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates has excommunicated a member of the Imperial Family. The CommiCzar and Lord Imperator of the Imperium released the following statement about the action.

The CommiCzar of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates has Formally and Officially Excommunicated one of His Grandsons; which was brought about, as a result of, His Grandson's continuous wrong words and deeds against a majority of Imperial Citizens and Subjects.

His Grandson's actions may not have been seen as wrong in some of the eyes and ears of other members of the Imperial Family and other Citizens and Subjects , as witnessed by the
CommiCzar; however, the word has gone out to all Imperial Citizens ( Family & Friends ) and Subjects ( Employees ) alike.

As of yet, not all members of the Imperial Family have endorsed or shown full support for the CommiCzar's Open and Official Declaration of Excommunication of His Grandson; however, His
absolute public and private dis-association with His GrandSon is now a chapter in the Imperial Family's and Government's history.

The CommiCzar's Declaration of Excommunication of His Grandson will remain in full effect, until such time that His Grandson privately expresses His apologies to each Imperial Citizen and Subject that He has offended in deed and words ( spoken and/or written ), and has publicly expressed His regrets in a signed statement to that effect.

The Lord Imperator also expressed his hope that the grandson comes to His senses...and soon; not only for the sake of all of the members of the Imperial Family and the Subjects of the Imperium, but for His own good too.

We at the post join the Government of the Imperium in prayers that reconciliation can be achieved soon and fairly.

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