Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Imperium Issues 'State of the Community of Nations'

Annual Address: "State of the Micronational Community of Nations" 2008
{ * As Viewed By The Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates * }

Greetings to ALL of the Serious and Dedicated
Micronationalist, MicroStates, and MicrOrganizations !!

The Year 2008 has inherited the remnants and remains of the 2007 Year;
which reflects some positive growth for the Micronational Movement, and
the traditional carry-overs of mistrust and distrust among a majority of the
members of the micronational community of nations.

Even though there still exist no real sense of community unity between the
majority of micro-governments, there still remains an optimistic attitude that
one day there will be a unifying event or recognition, that will become the
catalyst of mutual growth for all micronations which stay the course, and
continue to provide a positve path towards eventual acknowledgement and
acceptance within and outside of the micronational spheres.

The Year 2007 brought about the birth of the micronational government of
Independent Long Island; which joins the current list of seperatist and
restorationist movements, which remain a very vital vessel for all of those
who are involved in the Micronational Movement.

The Year 2007 brought about the birth of several other serious MicroStates;
some which have already expanded their presence in the community, and
some which have yet to explain their purpose. In either case, growth of the
Community of Micronations appears to be positive; which provides for the
potential growth of not only these new micronations, but for the community
as a whole.

The Year 2007 witnessed the rise and fall of various MicroGovernments;
with the list much too long to make an accounting of.

The Year 2007 witnessed the rise and fall of various MicrOrganizations
as well; with the list much too long to make an accounting of.

The Year 2007 witnessed the passing of several Micronational Leaders
and Citizens; some who were either directly or indirectly involved in the
internal and external affairs of their respective micronation.

The Year 2007 witnessed the expansion of micronationalism in other macro
regions of the world; which up until now, were either not common knowledge,
or else were not yet established.

One a more personal note, the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium
of DeWaCo Estates was strengthened in depth, dedication, and degree;
as the three semi-autonomous states of the Parkistani Protectorates were
assimilated into the Imperial Commonwealth, thereby joining the Imperium,
the People*s Republic Of Galt / P.R.O.G., and the Federal Republic of
Eastern Edinburg / F.R.E.E.

In summary, even though the old traditional views of distrust still have a
strangle-hold upon the growth of the majority of the micronations of the
world, and thereby having a direct-effect upon the mutual potentials of
the Micronational Movement, the Year 2007 managed to move the ideas
and ideals of micronationalism forward to a small degree; thereby providing
encouragement for the seasoned, and a continued interest for anyone and
everyone who ventures into the diverse spheres of the Micronational Movement.

May the Year 2008 set a new pace for those who are on the path to achieving
their individual and mutual micronational goals for growth.

May the Year 2008 prove to be a positive year for growth of older established
micronations and organizations; as well as, a year for new beginnings for
those micronationalist who bear the burden, and accept the challenge to
build and lead.

May the Year 2008 prove to provide Peace and Prosperity for all of those
who dare to call themselfs "MicroNationalist" !!

Thank You !!

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