Friday, April 04, 2008

Imperium to Ban Public Smoking by Citizens

-- Imperial News Service

By Imperial Decree, the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates will Officially become a "Smokeless" MicroState on May the 1st, 2008 at 12:00 AM CSDT.

The newest Law of the Lands is entitled:
"The No Joke.....No Smokes" Law [ i.e. "Don't Smoke 'em If You've Got 'em" ];
and will be enforceable in all "public" locations within Imperial City, as well as all other "public" areas within the Imperium. [ enforceable with Citizens and Subjects / Family and Employees ]

Those limited number of Citizens and Subjects of the Imperium, who do smoke, will be required to conduct their personal smoking activities either in the privacy of their privately owned vehicles / POV while on duty / work during scheduled break periods; or else,
whenever able, off of the Imperial Soils, such as when conducting business affairs while in the neighboring "macro" nation of the USA. [ i.e. deliveries, pickups, service calls, etc ]

An individual's private room and/or vehicle is safe from this newest Law of the Lands; as well as, are those US Citizens who travel within the Imperium conducting commerce. [ i.e. customers / salesmen / etc ] Any Imperial Citizen or Subject [ Family or Employee ] who is observed in non-compliance with this newest Law of the Lands, will be subject to
several penalties; which will become more severe with each offense.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning

2nd Offence: Written Warning

3rd Offense: Restricted from Work for 1 day w/o pay

4th Offense: Suspension from Work for 1 week w/o pay

5th Offense: Termination of Employment and Status if a Subject / Employee
5th Offense: Personal Restrictions if a Citizen / Family
[ permanent or long-term restrictions regarding privileges ]

Signage will be posted in all "public" commercial operations, asking that individuals refrain from smoking, out of common courtesy to others; however, the new Law of the Lands will only be able to be enforceable with Imperial Citizens and Subjects [ Family and Employees ], as any
"foreign" individual is considered an "untouchable" with regards to the enforcement of this new law, as their purchase power speaks louder than their smoke.


Several Local and State laws within the USA allow for the complete ban of smoking in a majority of "public" places, as well as voluntary banning in "privately owned" places which are open to the public [ i.e. bars, resturants, clubs, etc ]; however, until such time that such laws become mandatory in all public and private places, this newest Law of the Lands will remain
as is.

This newest Law of the Lands runs parallel as a Corporate Rule & Regulation / Policy.

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