Saturday, April 19, 2008

Governor-General Praises Bishop Phillips

-- Governor-General's Press releases

The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida is encouraged by the determination and resourcefulness of the Anglican Bishop Rubin Phillips.

While the world decries the ongoing actions of Robert Mugabe, the Rev. Phillips found a way UNDER LAW to have a positive impact on the situation. He took a path of action - in the courts of law.

Due to the Actions of Bishop Phillips, the Chinese arms shipment, bound for Zimbabwe's strongman, has departed from South Africa ans is now looking for another port which will allow it to unload its cargo of death and tyranny.

May God bless the Bishop, the government of South Africa, and the People of Zimbabwe in this difficult time.

God Save the Queen!
Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile, Baron Von Servers of Fayette,
Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the Dominion of British West Florida
in Service to The Dominion of British West Florida

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