Sunday, October 14, 2007

Imperium of DeWaCo Estates Government Denounces I.L.I. Declaration of War

All divisions of the Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates, in a show of strength and support for the Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar, have unanimously voted to Formally Condemn and Denounce the recent acts committed by the ILI Govt.

"The Government of the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates does hereby renounce and condemn the Leadership and Government of Independent Long Island, for their recently committed acts of aggression against the macro government of Myanmar."

"It is with deep regret that the Imperial Government is compelled to enact such formal complaints against another micronation, especially such a new micro-government; however, the ILI's un-provoked acts of aggression are nothing less than a sign of aggrivated attempts to engage itself in a macro event, which could cause collateral damage onto the Micronational Movement;
of which, other innocent new and established micronations could very well feel the consequences of such actions."

"Until such time that the ILI Government Formally and Officially withdraws it's self-proclaimed 'declaration' and 'invasion' against the macro-govt of Myanmar, the Imperial Government and People will continue to stand firm in our public display against the ILI Government."

As endorsed and committed to by the:

Estates Senates { Upper & Lower Houses },
People*s Com~Gress { Common Communication (to) Addressively Address Progress },
Ministries Of Government { M.O.G. }

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