Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dr. Holger Luttic, Baron of Dekalb appoined Elsanor's Minister of Domestic Affairs

His Serene Majesty, Eric I Grand Duke of Elsanor has chosen Dr. Holger Luttich as Elsanor's next Minister of Domestic Affairs.

A native of Reinhausen, Germany Dr. Luttich is fluent in English, Italian, Dutch, and German. He currently serves as a Teacher and licensed practitioner of Alternative Medicine in Bavaria. Dr. Luttich has been elevated to the title of Baron of Dekalb in reparation for his agreement to serve as Elsanor's newest Minister of Domestic Affairs.

Among the programs Dr. Luttich plans to implement during his tenure are:
Developing a national passtime
Creating visual and musical art competitions (either online or in realtime)
Expediting citizenship applications
Expanding the auction of Noble titles
Development of a course of study dealing with Alternative Medicine at the William Bartram Naval Academy
Aiding Elsanor in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, specifically those dealing with Elsanor's lack of adequate medical facilities.

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