Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Elsanor and New Texas Sign Treaty of Peace

-- Pelican News

The Grand Duchy of Elsanor and the Principality of New Texas have signed a Treaty of Peace.

His Serene Majesty, Eric I, Grand Duke of Elsanor plans to celebrate the signing of the accord by hosting an informal dinner party this evening at 6:00 in Mobile with several of the officers of the Elsanorian Royal Navy to include: Capt. Aubrey, the Commander of the Eastern Flotilla and Minister of Defense; LtCDR Chin, the Minister of Finance; LtCDR Aubrey; and LtCDR Zito.

Sub-Lieutenant Patrick McCleary, Baron of East Horn has been removed from his position as His Serene Majesty's Minister of Domestic Affairs.

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