Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Imperium's Civil Alert Defense System Fails Latest Test

-- Imperium News Service

The Imperium's Civil Alert Defense System (C.A.D.S.) failed a recent equipment test; when Officials of the MicroGovt-Agency where unable to provide proof to the Officers of the Imperial Government, that *ALL* of the equipments assigned to the C.A.D. System were in 100% working order.

The C.A.D. System is tested on a seasonal schedule; as well as, at random non-scheduled times throughout the year.

The C.A.D. System is an internal alarm / alert series of systems (equipment), which provide emergency notice to the Citizens, Subjects, Protectorates (Protected Persons), and Visitors/Tourist (customers/businessmen), in the event of a storm, fire, accident, "act of war", or any other emergency that might occur. ("War" or "Warning")

To pass the test, *ALL* available systems / equipments must perform 100% efficent, 100% of the the times tested.

* The Cell-Phones were 100%
( central communication )

* The Iron Bell Alarm was 100%
( continuous series of rings )

* The Field Flares were 100%
( "red" for alarm / alert )

* The Fire Arms were 100%
( continuous fire into the sky )

* The "War or Warning" Flags were 100%
( flown for visual )

* The Air-Horns were 100%
( continuous series of blasts )

* The Bull-Horns were 0%
( batteries were depleted )

The Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates has not commented on the actions that maybe taken to correct this failure.

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