Sunday, December 21, 2008

Poet Laureate's Christmas Poem 2008

Aeturnus: The Feast of Ages.

Golden threads of light nurture ancient aether,
Woven dreams playing ‘cross bleak Northern shores;
Glowing in blind-black storms of frosted weather…
A snow-owl thro’ halo’s of heaven soars.

Roar of Boreas: swart screams into bitter cold,
Thro’ limbs of death-dancing hawthorn, greenest pine;
Aurora’s ribbons flowing; lucent on bold blue…
Spectral hues streaming in waves thro’ space and time.

Polaris: stellar regent pearl, in guiding strong,
Thro’ sleep and years, navigating the knowing soul;
Sov’reign Arcticus chants a celestial song…
Willow’s bear revolves ‘round the crown of the pole.

Three flames: Magi charting the brightest star,
Caspar, Melchior, Balthazaar set on sure path;
Compassing desert, mountain, sea and lands afar…
Wisdom in quest for the prophecy of true faith.

Gold frankincense, myrrh: blossoms of Mother’s earth,
Honour-gifts for the divine birth, new hope springs;
Treasure balm: the warm spirit of Heaven’s hearth…
Word of glory revealed: Angel Gabriel sings.

Vibrant echoes thrum deep in a church of stones,
Wicks flicker praise on shadow’d walls: songs lift a veil;
Psalms adore in faith, love’s vision inspiring tones…
Welcome brighter bliss to vales of ghostly pale.

The tender prayer of worth is ever-burning,
In shrines revered; shines eternal in dim-lit night;
Breath of every dawn emerging, each Yule a yearning…
The feast of All-Ages… for The Prince of All-Light.

All Rights Reserved / David John Drew / DBWF 2008.

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