Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Imperium C.O.S.M.O. Violates US Airspace

-- Imperial News Service

A large nylon netting, filled with several mylar helium-filled observation balloons,
equipped with a small digital camera, was reported to have violated US air space;
which was believed to have been the result of an un-detected weak spot along
the length of the 500 foot nylon tether, that seperated and released the equipment.
[ As of yet, there has been no word received from any US Authority regarding the event ]

The Council Of Space Mission Organizations ( C.O.S.M.O. ), formerly know as:
the Council Of Space Mission Operations, was in charge of these low altitude
tests; which were designed to record still-photos and videos of Imperial City,
the Capital Zone of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates.

These videos were to have been released over the internet, in spite of the fact
that previous tests photos have not; which is due to the fact that the Imperium's
Sky and Space Program has been more-private and less-public, as there have been
several accidents over the last few years.

However, as there appears to be a Micro Space Race in the future of the MicroSphere,
the Imperial Government has decided to go-public ( limited increased releases ); which
is the purpose of this public release...to not only promote C.O.S.M.O.'s achievements,
but to also acknowledge C.O.S.M.O.'s failures as well.

C.O.S.M.O. is an organization comprised of several agencies and authorities
within the Imperial Government: SkyCom ( Sky Force Command ), and RAM-COM
( Rocket-And-Missile Commands ); both of which are designed and designated as
educational and informational commands* ( view Official Info-Photos below ),
which utlilize and deploy various S-T-S ( Surface-To-Sky ) units: i.e. helium balloon
platforms and systems, "Pocket Rockets" ( Bottle Rockets ), Estes Model Rocket Systems,
and R/C ( Radio / Remote Controlled ) vehicles.

The Ministry Of State Security / M.O.S.S., and the Ministry Of Science-Technology /
M.O.S.T., are also actively engaged in several of the Sky and Space Programs conducted
by C.O.S.M.O.

C.O.S.M.O. was commissioned, and granted authority and budgeting, by the CommiCzar
~ Lord Imperator approximately 7 years ago.

In the past, the Imperium's Sky and Space Programs have relied more on helium sky units
and R/C vehicles, and less on model rockets; as helium and R/C units have longer periods
of recording / reporting time, as they each can stay sky-bourne for longer periods of time;
however, this policy has been amended and expanded to include more and more emphasis
on re-usable Estes style rocket systems.

The loss of the equipment ( digital camera, balloon, etc ) is a minor set-back for
C.O.S.M.O.; as future tests will be limited until a new budget can be approved.

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