Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lord Marshall Concerned over Throne Talk

- Virtual Pensacola

Certain of the Members of the House of Lords expressed concerns over the proposed legislation mentioned in the Governor-General's Throne speech.

The Lord Marshall has suggested a five point plan for consideration of the Governor-Generals proposals. These five points are:
1)Will we 'Recognize' every child who signs an Abstinence Pledge? If so, how?
2)What kind of reward can we actually offer to those who Marry before starting a family?
3)What kind of Support is intended for the young fathers? Would it not be appropriate for the young mothers as well?
4)How do we as the Government walk the fine line between the Government Mandate to promote order and the Religious Liberty of our Dominion?
5)Has the Government taken the reactions of other Governments into consideration before determining this course?

The Governor-General's Office has responded to the Lord Marshall's frame work by issuing the following statement: “The Lord Marshall's framework for discussion is appropriate and thoughtful. Items 4 and 5 of the framework, in particular, should be applied to ANY discussion of legislation before the Lords, as they are among the questions I ask myself before granting Assent.”

The Governor-General's office had no word on when the bills mentioned in the Throne Talk will be presented to Parliament

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